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Be Protected Always! The ultimate bracelet with a built in stun gun and GPS tracker for your protection.


Vulnerability is real. Any form of assault is a serious and common problem individuals face when they step outside their home.

Whether you are a college student walking to your car late at night or an employee passing through a dangerous neighborhood on your way to work... you want to feel safe.

The safety

Though we cannot predict the outcome of a dangerous situation, we can definitely influence and help prevent one from escalating.

Creating a product that is inconspicuous but powerful enough to ward off potential attackers is ideal for individuals who want to be safe. With a device that is quick, accessible and equipped, you can go out with confidence.

Our solution

Our team designed a wearable protective gear that holds a stun gun and GPS tracking device.

Key elements must be:

  • discrete

  • accessible

  • stylish

  • durable

The story

Lillian walks home late at night and unfortunately encounters a dangerous predator following her.


Mock-ups & Testing

We met together several times to discuss features and made a few mock-ups to test the different sizes of the bracelet.


We met often to go over features and key elements.

After sketching a few concepts we 3D printed a final mock-up.

Making a few clay models test the size on the wrist.



Bepa is a comfortable, wearable tech bracelet that provides a means of self-defense and includes a GPS tracker in case of abduction.

Feel safe. Be safe.

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This project was a collaboration with Bethany Valderrama, Syhyin Wong and Lizzeth Sandoval for the Braun Design Competition.

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Please view process book here.

Thank you!

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