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The Cook Together set, is ideal for those who wish to spend quality with their loved ones while preparing a meal.

Prompt: Design a product that meets the needs and wants for a user that practices an everyday ritual.


A good majority of people, specifically the younger generations, don’t often cook much. Whether its due to lack of interest or simply being too busy this interferes with the ritual of coming together for dinner. This development can ripple across centuries and affect us for futures to come.

Examining the ritual

We interviewed various people such as professional cooks, stay at home moms, International housing parents and even some students to better understand the ritual of cooking.


Their feedback gave us insight to the different methods, traditions and feelings that goes into cooking.

What people said

Space issues in their kitchen 70%

Clean while they cook 50%

Enjoys the social aspect 75%

Has a motivational process 62%

Cooking reminds them of the past 75%

Prefers to work with hands 87%

Likes to present their food 70%

Enjoys learning about new recipes 75%

Dislikes cleaning dishes 62%

Areas of opportunity

Through much research we decided on the opportunities that we wanted to focus on.

  • Configuration of preexisting kitchen space

  • Improvement of large equipment

  • Bringing people together or reconnecting people

  • Incorporating new and old traditions

Our Goal

To bring people together through cooking, by understanding culture and also working with the preexisting kitchen layout to promote togetherness while at the same time incorporating some technology to ease the cooking experience.


While learning more about our ritual, we found inspiration in Korean BBQ and hot pot restaurants, which allow people to cook together.


The experience is great but meals can get pretty pricey and most people wouldn't go out to eat like this often.


Testing the hardware

We were conflicted of whether the hot plate area would be electric or induction so we decided to experiment to see which hot plate cooked the BBQ faster.


The Winner

As a result from our test we decided to go with an induction hot plate as it could still cook BBQ just fine, heats up faster and it is much easier to clean.


Understanding the kitchen layout

We looked at different kitchen layouts and imagined where everyone would be standing while preparing items or cooking.





Kicthen Layouts.png

After looking at the layouts, we realized that the island and peninsula floor plans were the only ones that allowed users to face each other. This pushed us to design a concept that would be ideally used on a dinner table.

Render and refine

Kitchen Cart.png
Learner Pack.png
One Kit.png

Exploring ideas

We explored many different ideas incorporating the opportunities we wanted to focus on and chose certain aspects that we liked about each concept.

Untitled 30.png
Untitled 34.png
Untitled 36.png
20 Concepts_Page_04.png
20 Concepts_Page_03.png
20 Concepts_Page_11.png
Untitled 33.png
Untitled 35.png
20 Concepts_Page_01.png
20 Concepts_Page_02.png
20 Concepts_Page_12.png
20 Concepts_Page_19.png
20 Concepts_Page_20.png
Untitled 31.png
Untitled 27.png
Untitled 28.png
Untitled 29.png
20 Concepts_Page_10.png
Untitled 24.png
20 Concepts_Page_06.png
20 Concepts_Page_17.png
20 Concepts_Page_18.png
Untitled 22.png
Untitled 26.png
20 Concepts_Page_16.png
Untitled 23.png
20 Concepts_Page_14.png
20 Concepts_Page_13.png
20 Concepts_Page_15.png
Untitled 25.png
20 Concepts_Page_05.png
Untitled 32.png
20 Concepts_Page_07.png
20 Concepts_Page_09.png
20 Concepts_Page_08.png

After pointing out certain aspects, forms and functions of each ideas we started to hone in on some concepts.


prepping food together

facing each other


Large size table top appliance

All-in-one unit

Mocking it up

We made several different foam core mock-ups in the beginning to explore but then started to focus on the One Kit concept.


Test Model

After exploring a few features we built a final test model base to see how some features would fit.


We both liked this oval-like egg shape for the overall form of the base.

Adding cups to the concept encourage the idea of bringing people together.

Incorporating a modular aspect to the One Kit concept was another goal

The MDF base gave us an idea on unit size and fillets added to the base.

We 3D printed different size cups to makes sure they would fit in the base.

Building our set



This project was a collaboration with Fernando Bustos.

Thank you.png

Please view process book here.

Thank you!

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