A Time-keeping Assistant that helps busy professionals keep track of their schedule while they are in their office.

Prompt: Design a time-keeping product that embodies the Dyson brand design language.


Today most people in the office use the traditional or digital clock to keep track of time. Regardless of the abundant amount of clocks, busy professionals still loose track of time and find themselves in need of an assistant. This can result in the company losing money to hire another person or the professional waiting forever before they get help.

Current technology

Great assistants like the amazon echo and google home can be found in modern office today and definitely help the the office run efficiently.

However the absence of a visual display is one less factor and overall cost of the product leaves these products lacking.


Target demographic

Meet Lisa.

She is a busy office professional who constantly loses track of the time and is dire need of an assistant.

Her company can't afford to hire someone to help her, so she has a hard time keeping her schedule on track.


Design objective

Design a time keeping product that embodies the Dyson brand, has a visual aspect for the user and utilizes the already existing technology of smart assistants.

The concept journey

I began sketching many ideas with specific features and then focused more on the certain design aspects that received positive feedback.

Sketch 1.tif
Sketch 2.tif

Refining the idea

When I finally decided the functions and features of the clock and had to make a decision between my top 2 iterations.

Once I got feedback on the sketches I started to hone in on the best concept and iterated off that idea.

sync with phone

colored light notifications

blue accent on the inner ring

Mock details

I built some initial mock ups but soon started to focus on the smaller details of my clock.


Battery compartment size on the clock was an interesting challenge.

I put a slight chamfer on the inner part of the rings.

Placing the speaker at the bottom of the clock was ideal for sound travel.

The design language


Making the clock

I used the router table to cut out a chamfer on the acrylic pieces
I used the router table to cut out a chamfer on the acrylic pieces

press to zoom
Adhering the rings together
Adhering the rings together

press to zoom
Assembly takes time!
Assembly takes time!

press to zoom
I used the router table to cut out a chamfer on the acrylic pieces
I used the router table to cut out a chamfer on the acrylic pieces

press to zoom

Dyson Ring

Dyson Ring1.png
Dyson Ring.png
Dyson Ring Thank you.png

Please view process book here.

Thank you!

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